PT BPMS - Mine Management Services

Project Description

Assisting mine owners and/or mining contractors commencing with operations on a mine site to manage all facets of the mine’s production; from land clearing through to barge loading.

  • Mine Operation Management
    PT BPMS has established management teams which we position on site with a focus on delivering coal safely and to schedule. Utilising open communication channels- such as daily production and tool box meetings as well as short interval controls and field checklists -BPMS’s on-the-ground teams are able to closely monitor production levels at all times so as to ensure production targets are achieved.


  • Quality Control Management
    PT BPMS has established standard operating procedures (SOPs) for maximizing the recovery of coal reserves with minimum contamination and can provide an experienced team of mining geologists to assist mine owners to improve their asset’s revenue potential.


  • Coal Chain Management
    PT BPMS can provide experienced management to operate and maintain the coal supply chain process to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of coal to the correct specification required by coal buyers.


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