PT BPMS - Mine Operation Improvement

Project Description

Providing professional staff to work closely with mine owners and contractors to improve performance and reduce operating costs of mine sites.

  • Cost Reduction Programmes
  • Production Management
  • Onsite Procedures & Training
  • Contractor Selection & Mediation
  • Contractor Supervision
  • Performance Reviews & Audits
  • Tender Preparation & Evaluation
  • Strategic Advice
  • Optimization Studies

Related Services

Exploration Services

Assisting mine owners to determine the extent and quality of the coal resources within their mining concessions.

Mine Technical Services

The Technical Services Manager is responsible for leading, co-ordinating and optimising the performance of the Technical Services department.

Mine Management Services

Assisting mine owners and/or mining contractors commencing with operations on a mine site to manage all facets of the mine’s production.